Fiat 500 Performance VS Mini Cooper R53

Whichever type you go for, the Mini Cooper is a jeer to drive. It’s incredible fun on twisty streets on account of go-kart-like taking care of and all around weighted, enlightening controlling. It’s likewise simple to drive around town, and despite the fact that there’s a firm edge to the ride, it’s never rough or uncomfortable.


It won’t astound you to take in the Fiat 500 is taking care of business when picking its way through swarmed urban roads. This is on account of its little measurements and light controlling; in reality, its minor size makes it feel significantly more tuned to city use than the Mini.

Split far from the hurrying around of town streets, however, and the 500 doesn’t shimmer; the taking care of is too roly-poly and the ride is awfully restless nd bouncy. All in all, it’s no place close as fulfilling to drive as the Mini.

The 1.6-liter motor in the passage level Minis called First and One has enough pace gave you’re cheerful working it hard (luckily it wouldn’t fret being revved hard), while the 120bhp 1.6 in the Cooper is enthusiastic, smooth and responsive. The 108bhp Cooper Diesel is adaptable, yet no place close as much amusing to whip as the petrol.


The Cooper S’s turbocharged 1.6 gives 181bhp for hot-incubate execution, however the SD, with a 141bhp 2.0-liter diesel, is neither quick nor sufficiently adaptable. The John Cooper Works rendition raises the stakes to a rankling 208bhp, and it’s breathtakingly speedy.

The passage level 1.2-liter petrol in the Fiat 500 isn’t quick in seclusion, and it’s quite weedy contrasted and the Mini’s engines, however it’ll have pretty sufficiently much jab for generally purchasers. The 0.9 Twinair (turbocharged two-barrel) motor is energetic on the off chance that you keep it over 2000rpm, yet it’s especially foul, with to an extreme degree a lot of clamor and vibration.

The turbocharged 1.4 petrols in the Abarth adaptations give legitimate hot bring forth pace. There’s additionally a 1.3 diesel alternative, which gives satisfactory execution and is justified regardless of a look on the off chance that you plan to do a ton of miles. It is somewhat loud, however.

The Mini’s petrol motors are smooth and refined, notwithstanding when buckled down, yet the diesels, especially the SD, sound somewhat blunt. The Mini additionally lets in a lot of street clamor at anything above strolling pace, and there’s a considerable amount of twist commotion on the motorway. The gearshift is smooth, in spite of the fact that it’s too simple to choose invert when you truly need first.

Twinair and diesel motors aside, living with the 500 on an everyday premise shouldn’t demonstrate excessively tedious. In spite of the fact that wind-and street commotion turn out to be progressively apparent as velocities rise, they never get to an aggravating level.